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Online GMAT Preparation - A brilliant diagnostic test tool

Know how will you perform on GMAT test day

Take this quick 45 min Mini GMAT Diagnostic test

  • Bullet Simulated as per actual GMAT difficulty level
  • Bullet Computer Adaptive Test
  • Bullet Detailed analysis & explanations to enable you take corrective actions and prepare better

We encourage you to complete this GMAT mini diagnostic test to get indicative GMAT score with detailed explanations and personalised tips to improve your score(don't leave your test unfinished).
You will also get additional mock test/practice test once you complete the test and report scores.

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Mini GMAT Diagnostic

General Education is an MBA application life cycle company. General Education (Gen Ed) offers various services to MBA applicants from GMAT preparation to Essay Editing to Interview preparation. Gen Ed even helps current MBA students to apply can prepare for various jobs on campus.

Mini GMAT Diagnostic is pioneered by General Education GMAT consultants and instructors for people who want to assess their GMAT aptitude fairly quickly but effectively.

About Mini GMAT Diagnostic: Test designed by GMAT experts at General Education keeping in mind real GMAT test. You can get to know your score out of 800 in 45 minutes vis a vis taking any other GMAT Mock test in 150 minutes.

Computer Adaptive Test (CAT): this test is adaptive in nature and changes the difficulty level and score assigned to the correct (or wrong) answer as attempted. Gives the test taker a very similar feeling of the actual GMAT in terms of adaptive nature of test.

Who should take: People who are about to start their preparation and want to check their aptitude and want to check strong and weak areas and hence decide where to put maximum effort.

Also, people who have attained a certain level of preparation but want to assess how their preparation level is – take this test to assess how you are faring in various areas like Sentence Correction, Algebra, RC etc.

Track your progress: Once you create a login, you can take this test as many times as possible and you can access the records of how much you scored, what you did wrong initially and how you are improving in various areas – Verbal or Quant. All the attempts you make to the tests are recorded and history of your scores as well as your wrong and right answers is maintained.

Learning: Once you attempt the test, you will see what answer choice you marked and what is the correct answer. Once you finish the test you will be able to see the detailed explanations of the answers (correct or incorrect). This will provide immense learning opportunity of GMAT like questions and how to attempt them.

Online GMAT Preparation

General Education conducts GMAT preparation classes – online – which give you the flexibility to attend the class at your convenience. Some salient features of the class:

  • Taken by experts (who themselves have high 700s GMAT score)
  • Stress on test taking strategy and on thorough preparation
  • Classes taken on WebEx – audio, video and whiteboard is shared
  • Classes are recorded – in case you miss the class or you want to go through again – recording is available
  • 6 full length computer Adaptive Tests are provided to assess you progress through the course
  • Extra classes with instructor available for clearing doubts
  • Less than 5 members’ class to give personal attention to the students
  • Class contains participants from various countries – various time zones catered due to the online nature of class

Register here to attend a free preview/demo class to see in action how it works.

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